Combat Point (CP) is a feature in Pokémon GO.

The Pokémon, whether a wild or a caught one, has an amount of Combat Points, CP. CP determines how much damage the Pokémon can inflict on its opponent, during a Gym battle. CP is shown by a half-circle; upon evolution, the position on the half-circle remains the same, but the CP is still increased. Thus, it should not matter if the trainer boosts a Pokémon first and then evolves or evolves first and then boosts.

The CP is based on a Pokémon's height, species and the trainer's level. Pokémon can boost their CP by giving them Stardust and candies, which also boost Hit Points and their size.

The Pokémon's CP can be boosted, depending on the items used:

Percentage (%) Requirements
0-20 200 Stardust, 1 candy
21-40 400 Stardust, 1 candy
41-60 600 Stardust, 1 candy
61-80 800 Stardust, 1 candy
81-100 1000 Stardust, 1 candy

Afterwards, 2 candies are needed and stardust required is 1300, 1600, etc.

The maximum possible CP obtainable currently is 3581.

CP cannot be boosted by training in the Gyms.

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