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Colosseum Leader (Japanese: コロシアムリーダー Colosseum Leader) is a head of a colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. They dress according to the Pokémon of their team (or in some cases, strongest legendary Pokémon of their team's type).

Colosseum Leaders: Poketopia
Colosseum Master
Colosseum Leader: Taylor (Japanese: テイラー Tail)
Colosseum Leader Location: Main Street Colosseum (Japanese: メインストリートコロシアム Main Street Colosseum)
Colosseum Leader: Marina (Japanese: マリン Marine)
Colosseum Leader Location: Waterfall Colosseum (Japanese: 滝コロシアム Waterfall Colosseum)
Colosseum Leader: Rosie (Japanese: ロージー Rapla)
Colosseum Leader Location: Neon Colosseum (Japanese: ネオンコロシアム Neon Colosseum)
Colosseum Leader: Voldon (Japanese: ボルド Vold)
Colosseum Leader Location: Crystal Colosseum (Japanese: クリスタルコロシアム Crystal Colosseum)
Colosseum Leader: Terrell (Japanese: テレル Dai)
Colosseum Leader Location: Magma Colosseum (Japanese: マグマコロシアム Magma Colosseum)
Colosseum Leader: Dusty (Japanese: ほこりっぽい Luin)
Colosseum Leader Location: Sunset Colosseum (Japanese: サンセットコロシアム Sunset Colosseum)

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