Cobalt Coast

Cobalt Coast is a location that appears in the game Hey You, Pikachu!. It is a beach area that is located somewhere in the Kanto region.


Cobalt Coast serves as the main setting for "The Piñata Party" activity. The event is hosted by Venusaur and Pikachu must attempt to break open the piñata with the player's help. Breaking open the piñata three times in a row will allow the player and Pikachu to ride on a Lapras onto Cobalt Island not too far away.

Cobalt Coast is also one of three areas that can be fished at during the "Gone Fishing!" activities. Cobalt Coast is considered the best area to fish it since Pikachu will be fishing in the ocean instead of a river (Ochre Woods) or a lake (Olivine Lake). Pokémon such as Goldeens and Krabbys can be caught here. Much larger Pokémon such as Kingler can also be caught with enough effort.

Other appearances

Pokémon Channel

Cobalt Coast returns in Pokémon Channel where it has a much different design. Like in Hey You, Pikachu!, Cobalt Coast takes place on the beach and near the ocean. One notable thing about Cobalt Coast is that it features the only fishing spot in the game. Unlike in Hey You, Pikachu where the player can tell when Pikachu to reel in Pokémon, in this game, the player must aid Pikachu by throwing bait out to the Pokémon. At some times, Pikachu will either reel in the Pokémon or it will get away.

In the main area, there is a tic-tac-toe game on the ground that Pikachu will play with the player. If the player wins, Pikachu will be upset and will be angry to see the tic-tac-toe board whenever it looks at it. If Pikachu wins, Pikachu will be proud of itself. The rarest Pokémon to encounter at Cobalt Coast are Lapras, Latios, and Latias.

Pokémon Found