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Donamite Arena

The Clubsplosion's arena

The Clubsplosion (Japanese: ドンナマイト Donamite) is an anime-exclusive, 16-participant, 4-round tournament held in Ambiga Town annually by Don George and Freddy O'Martian that took place in the anime between BW072 and BW075. The tournament is meant for Fighting-type Pokémon, but Pokémon of other types are permitted as well. The champion receives a year's supply of vitamins.

Each competitor participating in the tournament is permitted to use one Pokémon; battles are randomly decided by a computer. Montgomery was the previous year's champion, but Stephan took the title from him the year Ash & Co. participated in it.

Latest Year's Participants

Previous Year's Participants


First Round

Edmond vs. Stephan

Flora vs. Cilan

Angus vs.Ash

Burgundy vs. Iris

Getty vs. Betty

Gail vs. Georgia

Delbert vs. Montogomery

Trip vs. Bianca

Second Round

Cilan vs. Stephan

Betty vs. Ash

Georgia vs. Bianca

Iris vs. Montogomery


Bianca vs. Stephan

Ash vs. Montogomery


Montogomery vs. Stephan (Winner)

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