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|region = Unova
|region = Unova
|name = Cliff
|name = Cliff
|image = Cliff.png
|image = Cliff_(Unova).png
|age = Between 20 and 24
|age = Between 20 and 24
|friends = [[Ash]], [[Iris]], [[Cilan]]
|friends = [[Ash]], [[Iris]], [[Cilan]]

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Cliff (Unova)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Region: Unova
Friends: Ash, Iris, Cilan
First Appearance: BW048
Voice actor: Christopher Sabat (English)

Cliff was the character of the day in BW048. He helped Ash and co. sort out a problem with two different groups of Beartic when one of the groups Cubchoo was separated during a storm.


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Cliff Mienfoo
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