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{{TrainerSpriteTop|type = ???}}
{{TrainerSpriteTop|type = ???}}
{{TrainerSpriteMidHeader|HeaderName = Typical Clerk}}
{{TrainerSpriteHeader|HeaderName = Typical Clerk}}
{{TrainerSpriteMidHeader|HeaderName = Boss Clerk}}
{{TrainerSpriteHeader|HeaderName = Boss Clerk}}
{{TrainerSpriteMidBody|type = ???|ImageName = Clerk ♂BWsprite.png}}
{{TrainerSpriteBody|type = ???|ImageName = Clerk ♂BWsprite.png}}
{{TrainerSpriteMidBody|type = ???|ImageName = TrainerBusinessman_B_BW.png}}
{{TrainerSpriteBody|type = ???|ImageName = TrainerBusinessman_B_BW.png}}
==Trainer List==
==Trainer List==
*[[Castelia City|Clerk Warren]]- [[Basculin]](x3) lvl 17
*[[Castelia City|Clerk Warren]]- [[Basculin]](x3) lvl 17

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A Clerk is a type of Trainer Class. They are young men working for a company. Their female counterpart is the Clerk ♀. They are found in buildings such as company buildings and sometimes found near cities.


Typical Clerk

Boss Clerk
Clerk ♂BWsprite

File:TrainerBusinessman B BW.png

Trainer List


  • Clerk has two sprites though their main sprite is the man carrying a briefcase while making a call.
  • Only two clerks use the "boss" sprite.
  • The first sprite appears to be a regular employee or a salesman while the other is a boss.
  • The majority of clerks are regular employees.
  • The "boss" clerk is fought before you fight the Garbageman who gives you the Exp. Share.

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