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{{Pokémon Character Box
|type = electric
'''Clemont's Heliolisk''' may refer to:
|type2 = normal
*The [[Clemont's Heliolisk (anime)|one]] used in the ''[[Pokémon Anime|anime]]''
|name = Clemont's Heliolisk
*The [[Clemont's Heliolisk (Adventures)|one]] used in ''[[Pokémon Adventures|Adventures]]''
|japanese = Citron's Erezādo
|trainer = Clemont (anime)
|debut = [[XY009: Clemont's Got a Secret!]]
|episodecaught = Prior to Clemont's Got a Secret!
|image = Clemont's Heliolisk.png
|episodesuntilevolved = Prior to Debut
|gender = }}
'''Clemont's Heliolisk''' is one of [[Clemont (anime)|Clemont]]'s Pokémon who is living in the Lumiose City Gym.
Clemont lent Heliolisk to [[Clembot]] while he was away. When Clemont returned and challenged Clembot for ownership of the gym, Clembot used it to battle. Helolisk lost to [[Clemont's Bunnelby|Bunnelby]].
==Known Moves==
{{MoveBoxTop|Type=electric|Type2=normal|image=Heliolisk's Parabolic Charge.png|imageinfo=Parabolic Charge}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Thunderbolt|XY009: Clemont's Got a Secret!|type=electric|othername=Clemont's Got a Secret!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Dragon Tail|XY009: Clemont's Got a Secret!|type=dragon|othername=Clemont's Got a Secret!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Bulldoze|XY009: Clemont's Got a Secret!|type=ground|othername=Clemont's Got a Secret!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Parabolic Charge|XY009: Clemont's Got a Secret!|type=electric|othername=Clemont's Got a Secret!}}
Clemont Heliolisk Bulldoze.png
Clemont Heliolisk Dragon Tail.png
{{Pokémon XY 1 char}}
[[Category:Clemont's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Electric Pokémon]]
[[Category:Normal Pokémon]]
[[Category:Gym Leader's Pokémon]]

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Clemont's Heliolisk may refer to:

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