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Clemont's Dedenne
Citron's Dedenne
Clemont's Dedenne
Trainer: Clemont
Gender: Male[1]
Debut: A Battle of Aerial Mobility!
Episode captured: A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!
Caught where: Kalos Route 4
Current location: With Clemont

Clemont's Dedenne is an electric/fairy-type Pokémon owned by Clemont, but is usually carried by Bonnie.


Dedenne dropped a berry, falling in Bonnie's hands. Later, Dedenne attacks Bonnie and Pikachu because of the berry. When Bonnie gives the berry back to Dedenne, the Fletchling that Ash Ketchum will capture later on steals the berry and swallows it, upsetting Dedenne and making it run away, which tipped off Bonnie.

Dedenne came while Bonnie is petting Fletchling and steals the food. They chase it for a while. Later, Pikachu and Dedenne are being chased and harassed by Team Rocket and James' new Inkay. Later, they become friends and look for Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie. When Team Rocket came back, Dedenne and Clemont battled against Inkay and defeated it with Nuzzle and Thunder Shock, giving pleasure to Bonnie. Later, Bonnie and Clemont catch it, but Bonnie starts to carry Dedenne in her little purse.

It used its ability to detect electricity from Pikachu to find it, Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin when the four were separated from their Trainers.


Dedenne is similar in personality to Snorlax. It can be very gluttonous, and after its meal, Dedenne goes to sleep in Bonnie's purse. In battle, Dedenne sometimes seems even stronger than Ash's Pikachu.

Known moves

Move Episode
Dedenne's Nuzzle
Thunder Shock A Battle of Aerial Mobility!
Tackle A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!
Nuzzle A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Voice actress

Megumi Sato (Japanese and English)


  • Dedenne is the first recurring Pokémon to be caught by another character besides Ash.
  • Dedenne is the second Electric type Pokémon to shock Bonnie. The first was Ash's Pikachu.


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  1. ^ XY004: A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!, Bonnie refers to Dedenne and Pikachu as brothers

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