For other versions of Heliolisk belonging to Clemont, see Clemont's Heliolisk.
Clemont's Heliolisk
シトロンのエレザード Shitoron's Erezaado
Clemont's Heliolisk Adventures
Trainer: Clemont
Debut: Gathering Klefki

This Heliolisk is an electric/normal-type Pokémon owned by Clemont.


When Clemont was abducted by Team Flare, he tried to sent Heliolisk for battle. However, Heliolisk's Poké Ball was being taken by Xerosic, who promised to hurt Heliolisk if Clemont did not follow his orders.[1]

Heliolisk was with Clemont, who went with the group to stop Team Flare at the Mehir Trail.[2] As Delphox's Mystical Fire attack was launched, Heliolisk dodged it.[3] Clemont recalled how the Pokémon surrounded Delphox, but Shauna's Tri-P would't leave it alone.[4]

Known moves

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Move Episode/Chapter
No Image
Electric Terrain X&Y045
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

See also

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