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'''Clear Body''' is an [[ability]] which was introduced in [[Generation III]].
'''Clear Body''' is an [[ability]] which was introduced in [[Generation III]].

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Clear Body is an ability which was introduced in Generation III.


It allows the host to be unaffected by the opponent's moves or abilities that lower its statistics, such as Leer; this includes accuracy and evasion. Pokémon with this ability can still have their statistics lowered by their own moves, however, such as with Hammer Arm or Superpower.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#072 Tentacool 072 Type WaterType Poison Natural
#073 Tentacruel 073 Type WaterType Poison Natural
#374 Beldum 374 Type SteelType Psychic Natural
#375 Metang 375 Type SteelType Psychic Natural
#376 Metagross 376 Type SteelType Psychic Natural
#377 Regirock 377 Type Rock Natural
#378 Regice 378 Type Ice Natural
#379 Registeel 379 Type Steel Natural
#599 Klink 599 Type Steel Dream World
#600 Klang 600 Type Steel Dream World
#601 Klinklang 601 Type Steel Dream World

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