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|MangaAppearance = GSC
|textcolor = blue
|name = Clair
|jname = イブキ Ibuki
|image = CLAIR.png
|AltImageWidth = 219px
|age = 19
|gender = Female
|hometown = Blackthorn City
|region = Johto
|family = Lance (Cousin)
|class = Gym Leader
|friends =
|firstappear = Pokémon Adventures Volume 10
}}'''Clair''' is a supporting character in Pokémon Adventures Manga. She is the cousin of Lance, leader of the [[Kanto]] [[Elite Four]] and [[Johto]] League [[Champion]]. In one episode clair runs into Ash an the gang and a man comes and shows them the Dragon Fang, Team Rocket then tries to steal a Dratini but gets foiled by Ash and Clair.
She has the same appearance with her counterpart in the anime and game.
<gallery captionalign="left">
3.jpg|Clair and Morty
[[Category:Gym Leaders]]
[[Category:Gym Leaders]]

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