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|episodecaught = Prior to ''Fangs for Nothin'''
|episodecaught = Prior to ''Fangs for Nothin'''
|caughtwhere = Unknown}}
|caughtwhere = Unknown}}
'''Clair's Kingdra''' was a powerful Pokemon that Clair used in Gym battles.
'''Clair's Kingdra''' was a powerful Pokémon that Clair used in Gym battles.
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[[Category:Character Pokémon that have evolved]]
[[Category:Character Pokémon that have evolved]]
[[Category:Gym Leader's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Gym Leader's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Water Pokémon]]
[[Category:Dragon Pokémon]]

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Clair's Kingdra
Japanese Name
Clair's Kingdra
Name: Clair's Kingdra
Trainer: Clair
Gender: Unknown
Debut: JE136: Fangs for Nothin'
Episode captured: Prior to Fangs for Nothin'
Caught where: Unknown

Clair's Kingdra was a powerful Pokémon that Clair used in Gym battles.


Kingdra was used in two battles against Ash. During the first battle Ash used Pikachu, but had to switch to Noctowl when Kingdra's Dragon type characteristics allowed it to resist Pikachu's electric attacks and gain the advantage. Although Noctowl used Confusion, Kingdra simply aimed Hydro Pump at the wall to prevent it from colliding with it and easily defeated the Flying type. Right after the match they had to forfeit because Team Rocket stole the Dragon Fang.

Kingdra later battled Ash's Snorlax and, despite fighting well, it was defeated with an Ice Punch.

Known movesEdit

Move Episode
Clairs Kingdra Hyper Beam
Twister Fangs For Nothin'
Hydro Pump + Fangs For Nothin'
Agility + Better Eight Than Never
Hyper Beam + Better Eight Than Never
Swift + Better Eight Than Never
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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