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Cinnabar Island

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Cinnabar Island
グレンタウン Guren Town
"The Ravaged Town of the Past"
Cinnabar Island HGSS
Location info
Region: Kanto
Connecting routes: ↑North - Route 21
→East - Route 20
Cinnabar Island Kanto Map
Location of Cinnabar Island in Kanto.
Gym info
Name: Cinnabar Gym
Leader: Blaine
Type(s): [[File:Type Fire]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Volcano Badge Volcanobadge|Volcano Badge Volcanobadge]]
Pokémon Gyms

Cinnabar Island is an island in Kanto. The Pokemon Mansion is here. Blaine is the Gym Leader here in Generation I and Generation III. The Pokemon Lab is here. In Gen. II, a volcano erupted leaving only the Pokemon Center and forcing Blaine to move to the Seafoam Islands. The coast on the East side is famous for the Missingno. glitch.


Generation I

TM35 Metronome

Generation II

Rare Candy

Generation III

None (though you can look inside the Pokemon Mansion)

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. In Generation I, if you talk to the old man who teaches you to catch pokemon, then fly straight to Cinnibar Island, swim on the south east side of the island (while being right next to the island), you can catch the glitch Pokemon MISSINGNO.

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