Chobin is a character that appears in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He decribes himself as Dr. Kaminko's "number one assistant" even though he is Dr. Kaminko's only assistant. Chobin is usually seen at Dr. Kaminko's House.


Chobin is a boy that wears swirly glasses and a white lab coat much like Dr. Kaminko. He also has blue hair.


Chobin admires Dr. Kaminko and will get annoyed if anyone disturbs his work. Chobin will even try to explain the good side when it comes to Dr. Kaminko's more useless inventions. A running gag in the game is that whenever he runs into Michael every time he visits, Chobin will think he is a burgler and battle him. However, when Chobin loses, he will recognize Michael to be harmless and invites him into the manor.



Chobin in the Robo Groudon.

Chobin is first seen where he stops Michael from entering Dr. Kaminko's house thinking he is a burgler and challenges him into a battle. Chobin loses but then can tell that Michael isn't a burgler especially after Jovi comes out and identifies him. Chobin then invites Michael in the house but is worried about Jovi disturbing Dr. Kaminko. Chobin then tells Michael to look at the television to see a review on Dr. Kaminko's latest inventions. Later, during more encounters, Chobin challenges Michael thinking, at all of those times, he is a burgler but loses. However, during the fifth encounter, Chobin tells Dr. Kaminko that he is dealing with a burgler and Dr. Kaminko gives permission for Chobin to use his latest invention: the Robo Groudon. Chobin hops into the Robo Groudon only to be defeated yet again and identifies Michael as just a boy. After this point, Chobin will confuse Michael for being a burgler anymore.

Chobin can be battled later at the Orre Colosseum in his Robo Groudon. He is faught at the end of round six.


Dr. Kaminko's House (First Encounter)

Sunkern (Lv. 5)

Dr. Kaminko's House (Second Encounter)

Sunkern (Lv. 5)

Dr. Kaminko's House (Third Encounter)

Dr. Kaminko's House (Fourth Encounter)

Dr. Kaminko's House (Fifth Encounter in the Robo Groudon)

Orre Colosseum


  • Chobin is the first character that is battled in the game.
  • Chobin is also one of the most battled characters in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness next to Miror B..
  • While in the Robo Groudon, Chobin's title changes to "Robo GroudonChobin.
  • While in the Robo Groudon, Chobin uses the Cipher Admin battle theme.