Chesto Berries (Japanese カゴのみ Kago Berry) are berries that cure sleep as soon as the pokémon either holds it OR has it given to them.

Growth time

These berries grow from seeds to plants in 12 hours (that's 3 hours for each stage). A Chesto Berry plant will give you 2 to 5 Berries.


In a battle a Chesto Berry, if you are holding it, it can cure sleep instantly, or it can be used like an item also to cure sleep.

Berry Blending

  • Verdanturf=Blue
  • Fallarbor=Blue
  • Slateport=Blue
  • Lilycove=Blue

Berry Crushing

If you're perfect, this Berry will contribute 30 units of powder.

Poffin Cooking

If you're perfect a Chesto Berry will give you a level 13 Dry Poffin when it's not cooking with anything else.Template:ItemBoxList

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