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ハリさん Hari-san
Trainer: Mairin
Ability: Overgrow (Not yet activated)
Debut: Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special I
Current location: With Mairin

This Chespin, nicknamed Chespie, is a grass-type Pokémon owned by Mairin.


Mega Evolution Act I 3

Chespie goes to help Mairin get on her feet.

Chespin was given by Professor Sycamore to Mairin as her starter Pokémon and she nicknamed it Chespie. Chespie is almost always out of its Poké Ball, walking with Mairin and making sure she stays out of trouble - or, at least, help her out. Alain also helped Mairin to catch her Bébé by using her Chespie. Chespie used Vine Whip, Pin Missile and Toxic to counter Bébé's Magical Leaf and to defeat it, allowing Mairin to catch it.[1] Chespie accompanied Mairin to Hoenn and was worried when its mistress got stuck in a bush.[2]

Mega Evolution Act III 3

Chespie reminds Mairin it cannot learn Ice Beam attack.

After Alain and Steven flew off to find the source of megalith energy, Mairin and Chespie sneak onto the airplane. The airplane was following Primal Groudon, so Mairin asked Chespie to use Ice Beam, only to be reminded Chespie cannot learn that move. Seeing Alain was in danger, Mairin and Chespie went to save him, the latter using Pin Missile to crush the icy boulders made by the clash of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. After the battle was over, Chespie high-fived Steven's Metagross, who helped protect them.[3]

Mega Evolution Act IV 13

Chespie runs off with the being, who called out for its help.

Chespie also accompanied Mairin to see Alain and his Charizard again when they went back to Kalos without saying it to Mairin and Chespie. They visited Lysandre's lab and saw Alain and his Charizard battling several trainers with their Mega Pokémon. After a couple of battles, Mairin and Chespie went to Alain and Mairin asked why Alain didn't want to go on their journey anymore. When Alain didn't give a proper answer, Chespie became angry but Mairin grabbed it before Chespie could do something. Alain then said that he couldn't get stronger if she is around, leaving Mairin heartbroken. Mairin then sat on the stairs and asked Chespie if it could leave her alone. Chespie wandered off in Lysandre's lab and eventually found a hidden labolatory where several scientists were doing experiments. The being called out to Chespie and the experiment failed. Chespie started to glow with a strange green aura and protected the being from the scientists. Chespie used Vine Whip to let the being escape through the air shaft and Chespie got exhausted and sat down, still glowing from the strange aura. Mairin later found Chespie and brought it to Nurse Joy to heal it. Nurse Joy stated that Chespie wasn't in critical condition but she didn't know what the cause was that Chespie was in coma. Lysandre came and said that he and his lab would take care of Chespie while he is in coma. Mairin was sitting beside Chespie while Chespie was still in coma after it was brought to Lysandre's lab.[4]

XY106 10

Chespie still comatose next to Mairin.

Chespie was still seen in comatose with Mairin at its side when Alain asked Lysandre how Mairin and Chespie were doing.[5] Chespie was later shown in a video message where Mairin told Alain that one of Chespie's spikes moved the other day.[6]

Known moves

Move Episode
Chespie Toxic
Vine Whip Mega Evolution Special I
Pin Missile Mega Evolution Special I
Toxic Mega Evolution Special I
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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