Cheryl is a character appearing in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl. She is a young female treasurer hunter who's goal is to find the Enchanted Honey.


Cheryl is a young woman with light gray colored eyes and tan skin, she has long dark green hair that is tied in a pony tail that is segmented, the pony tail is seen hanging down in front of her, her outfit consists of a light green colored long jacket with a white button pin on the top, she appears to wear a black under shirt, and has a long light dark green skirt that has splits, and black boots, she is always seen carrying an orange bag around her left waist.


Cheryl is an adventurous, calm and optimistic young woman, who has the dream of finding the Enchanted Honey, alto she can be a bit clumsy, she is very kind, friendly and always positive.


Cheryl was first seen in the episode "Some Enchanted Sweetening!", she along with her Chansey meet Ash, Dawn and Brock were she catches a Bug-type Pokemon name Burmy, she explanes that she is trying to find the honey called "Enchanted Honey", which is located in the Amber Castle, Ash and his friends completest Cheryl to help her find the Enchanted Honey, after her Burmy evolved into a Mothim after battling out with Team Rocket, he finds the scent to the Enchanted Honey.

Later on in the episode "The Grass-Type Is Always Greener!", she accidentally gets caught by vines that were made by Koconas, but she gets saved by Ash's Turtwig, and tlater hey meet up with the Eturna City Gym Leader name Gradenia after Mothim smells the scent of a wild Gloom.

At the episode "An Angry Combeenation!", they found the Amber Castle, but get confurted by Combees, after taking out Team Rocket, she finds the Enchanted Honey and continues her adventurers.


On hand

Cheryl Chansey