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Cheren's Herdier

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Cheren's Herdier
チェレンのハーデリア Cheren's Haaderia
Cheren Herdier
Trainer: Cheren
Debut: There's a New Gym Leader in Town!

This Herdier is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Cheren.


BW113 15

Oshawott blocks Herdier's Thunder Fang attack.

Cheren sent Herdier to battle Ash's Oshawott in an exhibition match. Oshawott started with Hydro Pump, though Herdier dodged the move and Oshawott was hit by its Take Down attack. Herdier used Thunder Fang, though Oshawott used his scalchop to block the attack. Herdier, however, managed to kick off the scalchop and defeat Oshawott with another Thunder Fang.[1]

Known moves

Move Episode
Cheren Herdier Take Down
Take Down There's a New Gym Leader in Town!
Thunder Fang There's a New Gym Leader in Town!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.



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