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|hometown = Unknown
|hometown = Unknown
|region = [[Sinnoh]]
|region = [[Sinnoh]]
|family = Unknown
|class = Scientist/Commander (Former)
|class = Scientist/Commander
|friends = Unknown
|firstappear = [[Saving the World From Ruins!]]
|firstappear = [[Saving the World From Ruins!]]
|voiceact = [[Herb Lawrence]]}}'''
|voiceact = [[Herb Lawrence]]}}'''

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(プルート Pluto)
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Sinnoh
Class: Scientist/Commander (Former)
First Appearance: Saving the World From Ruins!
Voice actor: Herb Lawrence

Charon was one of Team Galactic's commanders and leader during the Stark Mountain Exploration.





He appears in Pokemon Platinum at various points in the game. He befriended and discovered Rotom. By the end of the game, Charon is arrested by Looker. The player doesn't battle him at all in the game but only sees him once in the building in the underground lab. He is at the entrance at Valley Windworks. Later in the game, He is in Team Galactic's HQ with Saturn. At the very end of the game, he is the boss and he is at Stark Mountain.


Charon in the manga

Charon in the manga.

He appeared near the ending of the Diamond and Pearl Arc. Though he quickly disappears. Though he leaves a notebook containing important info. It is presumed that he will be the primary antagonist in the Platinum Arc.





  • In HeartGold & SoulSilver, when the player arrives at Silph Co. and finds a journal mentioning him in a broken elevator. This implies that Charon was a former employee of Silph. Co before joining Team Galactic.
  • In Platinum, Charon likely used to live at the Old Chateau but probably left likely due to the fame for discovering Rotom or the fact that the Chateau was haunted.
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