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Gender: Male
Region: Unova
Class: Motorcyclist
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Charles is a character in Black and White. It is unknown why he is a Motorcyclist, and not a Biker, as he uses the same sprite.



Black and White

He first appears on Route 5, where he is battling an Ace Trainer to win the heart of the Ace Trainer's girlfriend. A crowd of people who are watching blocks the player from proceeding.

After the player defeats Elesa he will instruct the player to Triple Battles when talked to, and then challenge the player to one. He uses a Sigilyph, an Archen, and a Tirtouga. Once he is defeated, he will ride off towards Driftveil City, and the crowd will leave.

He appears again in Driftveil, where he will instruct the player character to Rotation Battles, and then challenge him/her to one again, using the same Pokémon.

He can't say a single sentence without "I'm a heartbreaker... my name.... Charles.", and after each battle he looses he says "Riding a bike and becoming the wind fits a bad boy like me.".

Black 2 and White 2


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Black and White

Black 2 and White 2

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