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Charles (A.k.a Accelguard)
(Charles (A.k.a. A☆celgor))
Hometown: Driftveil City
Region: Unova
Class: Trainer
Friends: Ash, Iris, Cilan, Linda
First Appearance: The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!
Voice actor: Dan Green (English)

Charles (Also known as A☆celgor/The Mighty Accelguard) is the character of the day in The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!. Ash and co. met him after he was denied a Gym Battle by Clay, the Driftveil Gym Leader. He knows all the local merchants in town and is a pretty cool guy. But whenever danger strikes, he changes into the hero known as A☆celgor/The Mighty Accelguard. Although he isn't much of a hero at first, while trying to stop a robbery.

Charles' alter ego

Charles as his alter ego, A☆celgor/The Mighty Accelguard.

With help from Ash, Iris, Cilan and his rival Linda, Charles was able to stop the plans of Cryogonal Man and rode off.

He met Ash and co. again in BW061 where he informs Ash that something big is happening on Milos Island after Ash was denied another chance to battle Clay.


Pokémon Information
Charles Accelgor
Accelgor is Charles' only known Pokémon. It is seen near his side almost all of the time and when Charles becomes The Mighty Accelguard, it becomes his faithful side kick in battle. During the robbery at Cold Storage, Accelgor showed off its species' incredible speed and agility and was able to defeat Cryogonal Man's strong Vanillish. Known Moves: Agility, Double Team, Struggle Bug and Swift.


{• = His Alter-Ego May Be A Parody Of Super Sentai, Or In This Case, Power Rangers


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