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Chalmers is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


X & Y arc

Chalmers approached Korrina and introduced himself as an admin of Team Flare. He had a Dragalge lead some Skrelp in attacking Gurkinn and his Mega Heracross, to make them drown in the water. Korrina couldn't battle against the Skrelp with Mega Lucario, so Diantha stepped in and had Gardevoir lift Gurkinn out of the water and defeat Dragalge. Chalmers had Dragalge attack Mega Gardevoir, who retaliated with Hyper Beam, defeating Dragalge. This shocked Chalmers, seeing he was overpowered and ran off.[1]

The grunts complained how Grace was always escaping from the cell. Chalmers replied they should put more locks on the door and left.[2]


On hand

Chalmers' Skrelp
Skrelp (multiple)


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