This Doublade is a steel/ghost-type Pokémon owned by Celosia.


As Honedge

Celosia gave Honedge to Shauna, after Shauna was hypnotized to think Celosia was a Furfrou groomer by Celosia's Aegislash. This allowed Celosia to have a better control over Shauna.[1] Shauna came to Santalune City Gym with Y, with Honedge attached to her arm. After Shauna stole X's Mega Ring and gave it to Celosia, Celosia ordered Shauna to attack her friends. Shauna cried and started attacking with Honedge, then collapsed and fell unconscious on the floor.[2] After Celosia lost the Mega Ring, her Honedge returned to her to defend her, but Celosia told it to stand down as it can't take on two Mega Evolved Pokémon. She told Honedge and her Aegislash that it was time they went back.[3]

Suspecting someone was spying on her and Malva (who were talking on Route 9), Celosia used her Honedge to split a rock in two, behind where Y was hiding, causing her ponytail to be cut away. However, Y's Croaky evolved into Frogadier and jumped away with Y, then startled a bunch of Rhyhorn, who passed by, causing Celosia and Malva to think nobody was spying on them.[4]

Celosia went through the forest with Honedge and Malva and found the Xerneas tree.[5] After returning to the Xerneas tree with the mind-controlled villagers of Vaniville Town, Honedge showed Celosia a lock of hair, so Celosia realized someone was actually spying on her and Malva. Seeing her own mother among the villagers, Y flew off to attack, but Celosia found them and started attacking. X sent Marisso to block the attack, while his Elec and Kanga went to attack Celosia's Honedge and Aegislash.[6] Celosia took Honedge out of its scabbard and started battling.[7] After Korrina thought she had defeated Celosia in battle to stop the movement of the Xerneas tree, Honedge snuck onto her and attacked Korrina.[8]

As Doublade

Celosia sent her Doublade to fight against Shauna and her Kitty|Skitty.[9] Doublade clashed with Kitty, while Celosia was amused how Kitty was parrying the attacks. Doublade managed to get an attack and hit Kitty, striking it at the ground. However, Kitty retaliated with Feint Attack and defeated Doublade. Celosia examined Doublade, seeing that Kitty wasn't parrying the attacks, but was dulling Doublade's sharp edge with its fur.[10]

Known moves

None of Doublade's moves are known.