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Dear Readers,

  Celebi is the stupidest pokemon around. He LOVES cheese. He loves to poop on hobos. He smells like chicken. Celebi thinks 2+2=CHEESE, so you now know that he is obviously stupid. Celebi has a HUGE crush on Justin Beiber. He works at McDonalds. Don't go to the McDonalds in Findlay, Ohio. Celebi works there, and he messes up EVERY order. So, if you ask for a McChicken, he will give you a bottle of mustard. His manager, Hugo, loves his work. Celebi makes one penny a week. Hugo, his manager, makes five dollars a day. Hugo weighs 1,000,000 pounds. Anyway, back to Celebi. Celebi went to the UOP, the University of Pokémon. He is dating a moldy piece of cheese right now. He is friends with Junie the Unicorn. He smokes and drinks EVERYDAY!!!! I think Celebi is a stupid piece of crap. I recommend not buying him. 
                                                                       Bob Jefferson

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