Celadon City is a city in central Kanto. Erika is the Gym Leader here. Eusine also resides in Celadon City. Places of interest include the Rocket Game Corner, the Celadon Department Store, and the Celadon hotel. It is one of the biggest cities in the region, second only to Saffron City in the east. The city has 92 inhabitants, making it the most populated city in the Kanto region, surpassing Saffron City. The city has two entrances, one from the east via Route 7, and one west via Route 16.

Celadon City Gym

Main article: Celadon City Gym

In the anime

Places of Interest

Celadon Mansion

Next to the city's Pokémon Center is the Celadon Mansion. In an act of breaking the fourth wall, the game developers also work there. They still hang out there in Generation II / IV. In Generations 1 and 3, you can get an Eevee here.

Celadon Department Store

The Celadon Department Store is the largest building in the city, as well as the biggest shop. Its located in the north west corner of the city.

Rocket Game Corner

Southern part of the city caters to travelers and tourists. in addition to a hotel and a restaurant, the Game Corner is a popular spot.


The Celadon Hotel is famous for containing one of the most well-known Pokémon Red and Blue bugs: the invisible PC. The mysterious computer is located a space below the rightmost part of the hotel desk. If the player was to take one step above the plants and press A, the PC would be activated. The PC can be used and usual transactions can be made. The reason for this glitch is because the hotel's layout is similar to one of a Pokémon Center, and the cause of the invisibility of the PC is probably a bug.

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