A Small Problem With the Female Characters' Dress Sense

I have noticed that most of the female characters have hardly any dress sense. In Pokemon White2, I wanted to play as myself but I had to choose the male avatar. Why do the female characters have to dress to provocatively or with little dress sense? I would keep silent about this if this was for older people but this is a kid's game!!! Some notable examples include:

  • Dawn (excluding Platinum outfit), whose usually sleeveless dress barely covers her legs. Not only is this not a good look, but it's barely practical! She would be running and riding her bike around Sinnoh in that! Also, what about Route 216 and Snowpoint City? Wouldn't she be cold​?
  • Hilda, who has a shirt with very little sleeves and short shorts that are more like underwear! Are you kidding me? This ISN'T some sort of teenage party, this is a POKEMON ADVENTURE - through all of the seasons - including Winter. And there's SNOW in Winter. Lots of it. Besides, wouldn't your legs hurt while you're riding your bike?
  • Serena, wearing a miniskirt. PLEASE! Just wear some knee-length shorts! It'll actually look cooler! Besides, you'll be warmer, you'll find it easier to run around, plus your legs won't hurt from being rubbed in a leather bicycle seat!
  • Leaf/Green, though she has more dress sense by wearing a longer skirt, it's STILL A SKIRT, and skirts aren't a reall good choice for travelling through the entire Kanto region on a Pokemon journey...

But there ARE some female characters with dress sense like:

  • Mairin - Wow, Mairin, you are dressed up to go on a REAL adventure! Why can't YOU be a playable character for us? Pleeeeaaaaseeeee! I'm give you an Articuno... and a shiny Suicune!
  • Yellow - Dressed up like a ninja sensei! With proper, awesome clothing and sometimes even carries a stick, she is one badass female trainer. Shame you can't play as her, though...
  • Bianca has some proper clothes, including trackpants for the game. Well done.
  • Zoey - This Pokemon trainer is wearing something sensible for adventure, and even looks cool while doing it. Shame you can't play as her either...

So, when it comes to the way female characters dress up, especially the player character, we need MORE of the Yellows and the Zoeys and LESS of the Dawns and Hildas. Now, what do you think, keeping in mind that this is supposed to be a kids' game and an adventure one at that.

Trainer Gold32 (talk) 23:14, July 19, 2016 (UTC)Trainer Gold

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