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[[Category:Female Characters]]
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[[Category:Characters from Kanto]]
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Cassandra's grandmother
Cassandra's grandma
Gender: Female
Region: Kanto
Class: Herbalist
First Appearance: The Problem with Paras
Voice actor: Maddie Blaustein (English)

Hehe, got some root that'll cure insomnia and grow hair on your nose and tongue.

Cassandra's grandma is a Pokémon trainer and character appearing in Pokémon: Indigo League.


Season 1: Indigo League

Cassandra's grandma was the herbalist who made potions, despite her appearance.



Pokémon Information
Cassandra's grandma's Persian
Grandma found a Persian, whom she thought it could serve as a mascot, which got Team Rocket's Meowth depressed.
Cassandra's grandmother's Persian

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