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Casey is a recurring trainer from Johto.


Casey has brown eyes and long purple hair covered by a striped white baseball cap with a lightning bolt on the front. She is shown to wear a cheerleader outfit consisting of a pale blue T-shirt covered by a yellow jacket with black stripes, striped white shorts with a red belt and brown and white sneakers. She also has a green backpack and carries a yellow horn around her neck.


She is shown to be confident and cheerful. She is a fan of the Electabuzz baseball team and is easily angered should someone insult them. Once, in a flashback, it was shown that Casey's entire family are fans of the Electabuzz baseball team.


Casey has had many run-ins with Ash Ketchum and his friends. Her first battle with him resulted in her defeat thanks to Charizard, and upset, she unknowingly gained Team Rocket's help to get back at Ash. However, once she realized she had been tricked, she helps Ash send Team Rocket blasting off, and parts on better terms with Ash and his friends. She runs into him again during the annual Bug-Catching Contest at the National Park, where after defeating Team Rocket again, Ash gives her the Beedrill he caught during the contest and won with, due to her love of Pokemon who are yellow with black stripes. It was also during the Bug-Catching Contest that her Chikorita evolves into a Bayleef.

Casey later ran into Ash and friends again and was shown to have evolved her Bayleef into Meganium. She made numerous attempts to catch an Elekid, the pre-evolved form of Electabuzz, who had befriended Larvitar. After saving them both from Team Rocket, Casey caught Elekid.

Casey lost in battle with Georgio (the winner of the battle would get tickets to an Electabuzz baseball game). The two of them end up going to the Electabuzz game together. She appears in two episodes of Pokémon Chronicles.

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Casey Meganium
Casey started with a Chikorita, it evolved into Bayleef while saving Ash from Team Rocket in the Bug Catching Contest. It's unknown how she evolved Bayleef into Meganium.
Chikorita → Bayleef → Meganium
Pokémon Information
Casey Pidgey
Casey caught it in a forest, along with Rattata, in Pokémon Chronicles. It hasn't been seen since then.
Pokémon Information
Casey Rattata
Casey caught it in a forest, along with Pidgey, in Pokémon Chronicles. It hasn't been seen since then.
Pokémon Information
Casey Beedrill
During the Bug Catching Contest, Ash caught a Beedrill that Team Rocket tried to steal. Casey saved Ash and evolved her Chikorita. During the end, Ash won the contest along with Beedrill and a Sun Stone. Ash gave Casey that Beedrill because she loved Pokémon that are yellow with stripes.
Pokémon Information
Casey Elekid
Ash spotted a wild Elekid which bullied Larvitar. Soon, Team Rocket stole both of them and thats when Casey came telling Ash about her find of Elekid. Ash told her it was stolen by Team Rocket and they searched. Larvitar and Elekid escaped and they befriended. At the end, with the help of Casey's Meganium, Casey caught the Elekid after a launch of Solarbeam.


Pokémon Information
Casey Weedle
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