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(ミツコ Mitsuko)
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Hometown: Petalburg City
Region: Hoenn
Family: Norman, May, Max
First Appearance: There's no Place Like Hoenn
Voice actor: Megan Hollingshead (AG003 only) (English)
Karen Neill (4Kids) (English)
Klara Leopold(PUSA) (English)
Yumi Tōma (Japanese)

Caroline is the mother of May and Max and wife of Norman. Caroline is May's biggest supporter and traveled all the way to the Hoenn Grand Festival to support her daughter in her contests. For a while, Caroline was mad at her husband because he wasn't spending enough time with her and too much time with Nurse Joy. As it turns out, Nurse Joy was helping Norman set up a fireworks display for his and Caroline's anniversary. She is probably a Pokémon Trainer, as in a flashback she is seen holding a Poké Ball, but what she trained remains a mystery.

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