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Cape Brink (Japanese: きわのみさき Cape Brink) is a small plateau whereby the house of a Move Tutor is located, who will teach the Trainer's Starter Pokémon one of three ultimate moves, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon and Frenzy Plant. Located to the south of Two Island, Cape Brink is home to a variety of Pokémon found both by land and sea.


Item Sprite Location
PP Up PP Up Sprite Found on the patch of land located in the middle of the body of water.
Rare Candy Rare Candy Sprite Found on the peninsula behind the Move Tutor's house.


Pokémon Level Rate How Versions
Oddish 043 30-32 30% Grass
Oddish 069 30-32 30% Grass
Spearow 021 31 20% Grass
Gloom 044 36-38 15% Grass
Weepinbell 070 36-38 15% Grass
Fearow 022 36 10% Grass
Meowth 052 31 10% Grass
Persian 053 37-40 5% Grass
Psyduck 054 31 5% Grass
Slowpoke 079 31 5% Grass
Golduck 055 37-40 5% Grass
Slowbro 080 37-40 5% Grass
Psyduck 054 5-40 95% Surfing
Slowpoke 079 5-40 95% Surfing
Golduck 055 35-40 5% Surfing
Slowbro 080 35-40 5% Surfing
Magikarp 129 5 100% Fishing
Old Rod
Poliwag 060 5-15 60% Fishing
Good Rod
Goldeen 118 5-15 20% Fishing
Good Rod
Magikarp 129 5-15 20% Fishing
Good Rod
Poliwag 060 15-25 40% Fishing
Super Rod
Poliwhirl 061 20-30 40% Fishing
Super Rod
Gyarados 130 15-25 15% Fishing
Super Rod
Psyduck 054 15-35 5% Fishing
Super Rod
Slowpoke 079 15-35 5% Fishing
Super Rod


In other languages

Language Title Meaning 
Mandarin Chinese 邊緣之岬 Biānyuán-zhī Jiǎ (Taiwan)
歧波海湾 Qíbō Hǎiwān (Mainland China)
Cape Brink 
French Cap Falaise Cape Brink 
Spanish Cabo Extremo Cape Brink 
Canada Cap Falaise Cape Brink 
Latin America Cabo Extremo Cape Brink 
German Kap Kante Cape Brink 
Italian Capo Estremo Cape Brink
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