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(スズナ Suzuna)
"The Diamond Dust Girl!"
Hometown Snowpoint City
Region Sinnoh
Badge Icicle Badge
Preferred Type Ice

Zoey (anime)

First Appearance

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Classroom Training!

Voice actor

Kether Donohue

Class: Gym Leader

"It's OK! You can let that person in. Cynthia sent word to me. You're working on a Pokédex, aren't you? There should be many rare Pokémon in the temple. Enjoy your exploring!"-Candice, Pokémon Platinum. Candice (スズナ Suzuna) serves as the Gym Leader at the Snowpoint City Gym. She specializes in Ice-type Pokémon and holds the Icicle Badge for the trainers that can defeat her.

Appearance and attitude

Candice has brown shoes, long blue socks, a white shirt and a blue cardigan most of the time tied around her waist but sometimes when just talking worn on top of the white shirt. Candice has never said anything of why she wears a sweater tied around her waist but just does it joyfully.

Candice's attitude is kind towards Pokémon as shown when she stroked Zoey's Glameow. Candice in the games talks in third person: "You want to battle Candice", but in the anime Candice talks like a normal person.



Candice first appeared in the Diamond and Pearl games as the Gym Leader of Snowpoint City's Gym. When going up to Candice she will say something mainly in third person. Here Candice will have her blue sweater tied around her waist and will accept the challenge. Upon defeating her, the player will receive the Icicle Badge, and TM72 (Avalanche). Sometime later, Candice can be seen again at the Snowpoint Temple. Candice and Veilstone City's Maylene are best friends.



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Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

Main article: Candice (DPA)


Candice's first appearance was in Classroom Training!, where her Abomasnow came towards Ash, Dawn, Brock and Zoey. Then Candice jumps out of a tree with her sweater on and talk to them. Candice leads them into her school where she is the teacher and gives them advice about how to be friendly towards Pokémon. She also later told them that both Zoey and she raised up Zoey's Glameow when they were younger.

In the next episode Candice accepts to battle Ash. They battle in the Snowpoint City Gym which is covered with an icy flooring. The battle begins and really quickly Candice jumps merrily blue sweater around her waist and sends out her first Pokémon, Sneasel. Ash sends out Grotle, however despite having the type advantage, along with being quick and agile Sneasel still loses to Grotle. After that Candice sends out her second Pokémon Medicham which then battles with Ash's Staraptor, using the moves Fire Punch and Confusion. Being then defeated, Candice sends out her third Pokémon, Snover, who defeats Ash's Gliscor. Finally. Candice sends out her most powerful Pokémon: Abomasnow. Ash sends out his last resort Pokémon, Chimchar. Chimchar defeats Abomasnow with fire type combat.


Gen. IV Platinum Challenge Sprite Gen. V



Diamond and Pearl

DP 459f front
 Type Grass Type Ice 
DP 215f front
 Type Dark Type Ice 
DP 308f front
 Type Fighting Type Psychic 
DP 460f front
 Type Grass Type Ice 
Lv. 38 Lv. 38 Lv. 40 Lv. 42 Lv. ? - Lv. ? -
Ability: Snow Warning Ability: Inner Focus Ability: Pure Power Ability: Snow Warning Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown
Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: Sitrus Berry Item: ? Item: ?
Ice Shard Avalanche Ice Punch GrassWhistle - -
Razor Leaf Faint Attack Force Palm Swagger - -
Leer Slash Bulk Up Wood Hammer - -
Ingrain Taunt Detect Avalanche - -


Black 2 and White 2


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Pokémon Information
Candice Abomasnow
Abomasnow is Candice's main Pokémon and the Powerhouse of her team. It first appeared against Zoey's Glameow when Ash and friends arrived at Snowpoint City for the first time. Candice chose Abomasnow as her last Pokémon in her Gym Battle against Ash.
Pokémon Information
Candice Sneasel
Candice's Sneasel was her first Pokémon she chose in her Gym Battle against Ash. Sneasel could Ice Skate across the battlefield however Sneasel still lost to Ash's Grotle.
Pokémon Information
No Image
Medicham was the second Pokémon which Candice used during her match against Ash. Medicham was neither an Ice Type nor did it know any Ice Type moves so it was an unusual Pokémon for her to have.
Pokémon Information
Candice's Snover
Snover was the third Pokémon used by Candice during her and Ash's match. Ash used his Gliscor, which was defeated by Snover.
Pokémon Information
In A Pyramiding Rage!, it is seen that Candice has a Dodrio as a mode of transportation to get around Snowpoint City.

Voice Actresses

  • English: Kether Donohue
  • Japanese: Noriko Shitaya
  • Czech: Jitka Mouckova, Jana Palenickova
  • Spanish: Valle Acebron, Blanca Hualde
  • Iberian Spanish: Cristina Hernandez, Cynthia De Pando



  • Candice lives in the north of the Sinnoh Region, the coldest place in Sinnoh. So it's quite peculiar that Candice ties her sweater around her waist in cold weather and has long socks. 
  • Candice's name is a play on the word ICE, since she is an Ice-type Pokémon trainer.
  • When excited or eager this fifteen year old will tie her blue sweater around her waist. She performed this when she was teaching at her school, battling Ash and Team Rocket and even in the tournament sitting up and down. (It is easy to see the sweater on her waist).
  • Candice could possible be modeled after the legend of the Yuki-onna, as she has black hair, pale skin, and trains ice types.
  • Candice is the only female Gym Leader to specialize in Ice-Types.
  • Candice and dancers are the only ones to tie a sweater/hoodie around their waists in the Pokémon games.
  • All Ice type Gym Leaders but Wulfric of Snowbelle City are the seventh of their region: Pryce of Mahogany Town and Brycen of Icirrus City.
  • In the anime, Candice has a habit of saying Key-eye! to punctuate her sentences.
  • Despite being an Ice type specialist, in Diamond and Pearl she has a Medicham which is a Fighting/Psychic type, though Medicham knows Ice Punch.

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