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Canalave City

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Canalave City
ミオシティ Mio City
"Cargo Port"
Location info
Region: Sinnoh
Connecting routes: →East - Route 218
Gym info
Name: Canalave Gym
Leader: Byron
Type(s): [[File:Steel]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Mine Badge Minebadge|Mine Badge Minebadge]]
Pokémon Gyms

'Canalave City' (Japanese: ミオシティ Mio Shiti) is a city in western Sinnoh. It includes the Harbor Inn, a Pokemon Center, a PokéMart, the Gym Leader, Byron, and the Canalave Library. You can also talk to a sailor there, who can take you to Iron Island, Fullmoon Island.


TM48 Skill Swap: Talk to a girl in the far Northwest corner in a house.

TM89 U-Turn: Use surf south of Edricth's boat.

Pearl: Hidden in the southwest corner.

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