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Camp Pokémon
Camp Pokémon Logo
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Game information
Generation Generation VI
Players 1
Platform iOS
Developers The Pokemon Company International Inc.
Publishers Nintendo
Release date
Japan October 21, 2014
North America October 21, 2014
Europe October 21, 2014
Australia October 21, 2014
South Korea October 21, 2014

Pokémon Camp is an app for iOS Devices that has quizzes and games. The app has mini-games designed for children ages 6-8 to learn about Pokémon. Some of the games include "Pokémon Evolutions", "Battle Matchups" and "Poké Ball Throw".


  • Find the Pokémon - A game where you find a specific Pokémon. Your goal is to find the Pokémon the fastest.
  • Poké Ball Throw - A game in which you throw a Poké Ball at a all six Pokémon three times to capture them. You can use two Ultra Balls that will instantly capture the Pokémon.
  • Photo Booth - Share pictures you create using stickers from the App.
  • Pokémon Pins - Pokémon Pins are different kinds of Pokémon you get when you complete these games a certain number of times.
  • Evolution - A minigame where you select the correct evolution from three options.
  • Type Matchup - From three options, you must choose the correct type (Fire, Water, Grass) that can defeat the shown Pokémon.
  • Mystery Cave - A sort of daily bonus, which is unlocked after you play a few minigames. When entered, a mega evolved Pokémon pin is revealed and added to your Pin Book.
  • Pokémon in Focus - No pins in this activity. A shadow of a Pokémon will be shown to you and will focus. Youlll have to guess it with 3 options.


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