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Cameron's Swanna

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Cameron's Swanna
Kotetsu's Swanna
Debut: Cameron's Secret Weapon

Cameron's Swanna is the fifth Pokémon on Cameron's team. He used it first in the battle against Ash during the Vertress Conference.

In Anime

Swanna was the fourth Pokémon Cameron used in his full battle against Ash. He send it out against Pikachu, as he planned to attack from up above. Cameron ordered Swanna to attack with multiple Pluck attacks, which Pikachu evaded everytime. He then ordered a Wing Attack which hit Pikachu and then followed up with a Bubblebeam, which Pikachu dodged. Swanna then went in for another Wing Attack, but Pikachu jumped and hit Swanna with a powerful Electro Ball attack, knocking Swanna out of the match.

Moves Known

Move Episode
Pluck Cameron's Secret Weapon!
Wing Attack Cameron's Secret Weapon!
BubbleBeam Cameron's Secret Weapon!

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