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(カトレア Cattleya)
Game(s): Pokémon Platinum Pokémon Black and White
Preferred Type: Psychic
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Unova
Debut Generation: IV
Other Generation(s): V
Anime debut:

BW092: Jostling for the Junior Cup!

Voice actor:

Miriam Pultro (English)

Elite Four Ranking: 3rd
Class: Elite Trainer

Platinum Caitlin
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Unova
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Class: Frontier Brain
First Appearance: BW092: Jostling for the Junior Cup!
Voice actor: Miriam Pultro (English)

Caitlin is a Psychic-type Trainer of the Unova Elite Four, who previously served as a Lady of the Battle Castle along with the Castle's Frontier Brain, Darach.


Caitlin appears as a girl with long, wavy, blonde hair that reaches her feet. She wore a large, fluffy, pale pink hat atop her head. Her eyes are in the color of vivid blue and her skin is pale. She wore some kind of white pajama with long sleeves, a collar, and a transparent pink cape. She also has a large white ribbon tied around her waist and a long skirt that is cut in the middle, resembling two flower petals. In addition, she wore a long skirt with a darker shade of pink and matching-colored wedges heels with brown soles. She has accessories clipped on the ends of her hair that bear the resemblance of pink butterfly wings that flutter. Caitlin is usually seen with a drowsy and calm face.




Black and White

In Black and White, Caitlin lends her villa to the Sinnoh League Champion, Cynthia, in Undella Town and sometimes visits her in the Spring.

Black 2 and White 2

In Black 2 and White 2, her storyline is similar to the previous games, it is known that she also lives in Undella Town. One of the reasons she never battled in Platinum was due to her explosive temper whenever she lost a battle. Other reasons were unknown. Since then, she has learnt how to control her temper and has been with the Elite 4 in Unova ever since.


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800px-BWS2 Caitlin

Jostling for the Junior Cup!

Caitlin made her debut in Jostling the Junior Cup! where she battled Cynthia in and exhibition match at the World Tournament Junior Cup in Lacunosa Town.


Pt battle sprite

Pt VS. Sprite

BW battle sprite

B2W2 battle sprite

BW VS. Sprite



Black and White

Black 2 and White 2

First Battle


On hand
Pokémon Information
Caitlin's Gothitelle
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  • In Pokémon Platinum, Caitlin appeared as a brunette, but she now has blonde hair.
  • It is said by a HeartGold and SoulSilver's game NPC in the Battle Castle, that Darach has feelings for Caitlin, but he refuses to show.
  • It is revealed in Pokémon Black and White that Caitlin is described to have Psychic powers which she had trouble controlling in the past due to her explosive temper.
  • With the exception of Metagross, all of her Pokémon know the move Psychic.
  • Caitlin is the first Frontier Brain to become an Elite Four member, albeit in a different region.
  • Caitlin's team seems to be based on sleeping. Reuniclus is a good dream, Musharna is the sleeping person, Sigilyph is a dream catcher and Gothitelle is the night gown.
  • Because of her long blonde hair, her night cap and slender appearance, Caitlin bears a slight resemblance to the Leiji Matsumoto character Maetel.


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