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Butler's Dusclops

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Butler's Dusclops
Butler's Samayouru
Butler Dusclops
Trainer: Butler (character)
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Pressure
Debut: Jirachi: Wish Maker
Caught where: Hoenn
Current location: With Butler
Evolved: Prior to Jirachi: Wish Maker

Butler's Dusclops is a Dusclops owned by Butler in Jirachi: Wish Maker.


Known Moves

Move Episode
No Image
Hyper Beam Jirachi: Wish Maker
Will-O-Wisp Jirachi: Wish Maker
Night Shade Jirachi: Wish Maker
Psychic (move) Jirachi: Wish Maker
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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