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Bulletproof is an ability introduced in Generation VI that protects a Pokémon from ball and bullet moves.

The Ability grants immunity against these moves:

Move Type Category
Acid Spray Type Poison Special
Aura Sphere Type Fighting Special
Barrage Type Normal Physical
Bullet Seed Type Grass Physical
Egg Bomb Type Normal Physical
Electro Ball Type Electric Special
Energy Ball Type Grass Special
Focus Blast Type Fighting Special
Gyro Ball Type Steel Physical
Ice Ball Type Ice Physical
Magnet Bomb Type Steel Physical
Mud Bomb Type Ground Special
Octazooka Type Water Special
Rollout Type Rock Physical
Seed Bomb Type Grass Physical
Shadow Ball Type Ghost Special
Sludge Bomb Type Poison Special
Weather Ball Type Normal* Special

*Changes type depending on weather



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#650 Chespin 650 Type Grass
#651 Quilladin 651 Type Grass
#652 Chesnaught 652 Type GrassType Fighting

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