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Bulletproof (ぼうだん) is a hidden Grass-type ability exclusive to the Chespin evolution line, introduced in Generation VI.


In-Game Text
Generation VIProtects the Pokémon from some ball and bomb moves.

Protects the Pokémon from the following moves.

Move Type Category
Acid SprayType PoisonSpecial type
Aura SphereType FightingSpecial type
BarrageType NormalPhysical type
Bullet SeedType GrassPhysical type
Egg BombType NormalPhysical type
Electro BallType ElectricSpecial type
Energy BallType GrassSpecial type
Focus BlastType FightingSpecial type
Gyro BallType SteelPhysical type
Ice BallType IcePhysical type
Magnet BombType SteelPhysical type
Mist BallType PsychicSpecial type
Mud BombType GroundSpecial type
OctazookaType WaterSpecial type
Rock WreckerType RockPhysical type
Searing ShotType FireSpecial type
Seed BombType GrassPhysical type
Shadow BallType GhostSpecial type
Sludge BombType PoisonSpecial type
Weather BallType NormalSpecial type
Zap CannonType ElectricSpecial type


PokédexPokémon TypeAbilities
#650 Chespin
Type Grass Generation VI
#651 Quilladin
#652 Chesnaught
Type GrassType Fighting
Green indicates the ability is known naturally
Yellow indicates the ability is only known through the Dream World

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