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Buddy Woodward is an American voice actor formerly affiliated with Central Park Media and TAJ Productions who guest starred for the Pokémon anime in its second season.

Like Jessica Calvello, his appearance went uncredited in the cast credits.



Non-Pokémon Roles

  • Kojiro Sakai (Irresponsible Captain Tylor)
  • Hiromi Izawa (Ping-Pong Club)
  • Izubuchi (Assemble Insert)
  • Yoshiki Tabata, Yuji's Father (Boogiepop Phantom)
  • Kazuma Ikeda, Miyako's Father (His and Her Circumstances)


Woodward is a founding member of the Dixie Bee-Liners, an NYC-based Americana band. Since its inception in 2002, he has written the majority of the band's music, in addition to arrangement and production roles.

Character Gallery

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