This Machamp is a fighting-type Pokémon owned by Bruno.


As Machoke

Bruno had Machoke evolve into a Machamp.[1]

As Machamp


Bruno had Machamp keep the Machoke belt,[2] as Machamp wished to keep it.[1]

Bruno showed Machamp as one of his Pokémon to Bill and Lt. Surge, pointing out he was the master of the martial arts.[3] During the battle, Lt. Surge noticed how Machamp wore Machoke's belt. He suspected Machamp evolved recently, giving Lt. Surge an idea how to defeat it. Bill and Lt. Surge had Bruno and Machamp chase after them. Once they were cornered, Bill and Lt. Surge had their Electrode and Exeggcute use Self-Destruct and Egg Bomb, which inflicted heavy damage on Bruno and Machamp.[2] Facing Red once more, Bruno had Machamp take off its belt and attack his Poli and Vee. The attacks inflicted more damage, as Bruno had Machamp take the attacks to absorb them into the belt, then release that force. Poli fired Water Gun on Machamp, who hurled it away. Vee, who was in Vaporeon's form, came out of the puddle through Acid Armor. After trasnforming into a Jolteon, Vee fired Pin Missile, defeating Machamp and Hitmonchan.[1]

Johto II

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Known moves

None of Machamp's moves are known.


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