For the variant appearing in the games, see Bronius.

Bronius is a character in Pokémon Adventures.


Bronius was one of the Sages that stood by Ghetsis and claimed the Pokémon were enslaved by humans. To free the Pokémon from humans, Ghetsis sent Bronius to spread the propaganda of Team Plasma to citizens.[1]

Black & White arc

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Black 2 & White 2 arc

When speaking to Blake, Leo remembered the Seven Sages that caused trouble during the Unova Pokémon League.[2]

As he took a ship to Castelia City, Lack-Two spoke to Looker, telling their next mission would be to capture Bronius and Ryoku, who were spotted in the city.[3] Bronius and Ryoku were at the sewers of Castelia City. Roxie, Hugh, Blake and Whitley went to battle Team Plasma forces, but the sages had the grunts have their Muk fire sludge at the trainers.[4] Blake managed to find a way to defeat the Team Plasma sages and asked of Looker to send them to the police. However, he felt these forces were a distraction, which made Bronius and Ryoku impressed by his observation. Blake also felt a cold air coming from a passage, which made Ryoku and Bronius remark how "the leader's goal has been fulfilled".[5] Finding out Whitley was the Team Plasma grunt he has been searching for, Blake explained one of his missions was to capture the Team Plasma sages, including Bronius.[6]


On hand


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