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For the variant appearing in the games, see Brock (game).

Brock is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Gym Leader of Pewter City in the Kanto region.


His appearance doesn't change that much from the Red, Blue and Green Chapter to the Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter. His appearance still looks the same.


It is shown that he is ready to protect anyone and is brave as shown as trying to protect the others during the magnet train fight in the Gold, Silver and Crystal chapter.


Red, Green & Blue arc

Red battled Brock for a gym badge but almost lost because his Pikachu isn't listening to him. But he still won.

Yellow arc

Pewter City was attacked and just like the rest of the Gym leaders who got attacked, their gym badges were taken.

Gold & Silver arc

Brock and Misty visited Red. Both of them wished luck in his Gym Leaders' evaluation test and gave him the video tapes of their tests, so Red could examine them.[1]

Crystal arc

Brock joined Misty and Erika in an expedition to the Gym Leaders' tournament in Goldenrod City. Since the S.S. Aqua was not sailing on schedule, they traveled through Tohjo Falls. Since the bridge was destroyed, Brock had his Onix extend itself to the other end, letting everyone pass to the other side, though wished the Maglev train was finished sooner. They stopped as Misty went to rescue a Krabby and fell through the waterfall.[2] Brock and Erika tried to find Misty and get her out of the waterfall. Erika also informed Brock the tournament was held in Goldenrod City, where they'd face the Gym Leaders from Johto. After Suicune joined Misty, she returned to Brock and Erika, as the trio rode on Brock's Onix away.[3]

Brock came to the Indigo Plateau, where he and Onix participated in the Gym Leaders' tournament. There, he pulled out an apricot and was chosen to battle against Jasmine.[4] During the Gym Leaders' tournament, Brock fought against Jasmine. Before the battle, Jasmine sent all her Pokémon, to decide which one she would choose. She sent Amphy against Brock's Kabutops. Since her Amphy was getting hit by Kabutops' Ancient Power, Jasmine sent her Steelix, who was disguised as an Onix, for she believed that people would dislike the idea of a Steel-type Pokémon. Brock sent his Onix as well, who tried to bind Jasmine's Onix. However, the rocks cracked, as Steelix' steel was much more powerful material. Thus, Steelix managed to use Crunch to defeat Onix. Steelix' rocks fell off, revealing its true nature, which surprised Brock. Jasmine admitted it was a Metal Snake Pokémon, whose rocks become solid steel after a hundred years. Brock asked Jasmine why she didn't reveal Steelix and was told it would "just show off" and would be an unfair advantage against her opponent.[5]

Brock returned to the seat, apologizing he failed to win the first battle.[6] Brock watched Sabrina's battle against Bugsy, noting how the former was unlucky to battle a bug-type expert.[7] Before facing Pryce, Erika was saddened that Blaine couldn't be the team captain, as he wasn't even present during the meeting with Kanto Gym Leaders.[8]

Due to Team Rocket having infiltrated into the Indigo Plateau, Brock battled the grunts. He and the Gym Leaders went into the train, which locked them all in and rode away.[9] During the fighting, Clair suspected someone was controlling the Team Rocket grunts. Since they couldn't fight at the stadium, Clair challenged Blaine to a fight. Blaine accepted her challenge and let the other Gym Leaders continue battling.[10] Blue reported the train would crash soon if it wasn't stopped. Brock had his Geodude use Magnitude, but the attack had little intensity to stop the train.[11] Fortunately, Red had his Snorlax stop the train, thus rescuing the Gym Leaders.[12]

In the end, Brock returned to his Gym, where he was challenged by other trainers, who wanted to obtain his badge to enter the Pokémon League.[13]


On hand

Brock's Geodude Adventures
Geodude (x6) *
Brock's Onix Adventures
Onix *
Brock's Kabutops
Kabuto → Kabutops *

Given away

Gravvy's Mega Punch
Gravvy *



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