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== Moves Learned ==
== Moves Learned ==
{{MoveBoxTop|Type = rock|image = EP594 Sudowoodo usando doble filo.png|imageinfo = Double-Edge}}
{{MoveBoxTop|Type=rock|image=EP594 Sudowoodo usando doble filo.png|imageinfo=Double-Edge}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Fake Tears|AG156|type = dark |othername = From Cradle to Save}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Fake Tears|AG156: From Cradle to Save|type=dark|othername=From Cradle to Save}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Double-Edge|AG156|type = normal|othername = From Cradle to Save}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Double-Edge|AG156: From Cradle to Save|type=normal|othername=From Cradle to Save}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Flail|AG165|type = normal|othername = King and Queen for a Day!|recent = yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Flail|AG165: King and Queen for a Day!|type=normal|othername=King and Queen for a Day!|recent=yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Mimic|DP013|type = normal|othername = A Staravia Is Born!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Mimic|DP013: A Staravia Is Born!|type=normal|othername=A Staravia Is Born!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Hammer Arm|DP130|type = fighting|othername = Frozen on Their Tracks!|recent = yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Hammer Arm|DP130: Frozen on Their Tracks!|type=fighting|othername=Frozen on Their Tracks!|recent=yes}}
{{MoveBoxEnd|Type = rock}}
{{MoveBoxEnd|Type = rock}}

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Brock's Sudowoodo
Takeshi's Usokkie
Brock Sudowoodo
Trainer: [[Brock]]
Gender: Male
Ability: Rock Head
Debut: From Cradle to Save
Caught where: Ninja school near Fuchsia City
Current location: With Brock
Evolved: 49 episodes as Bonsly
Evolves In: Leave it to Brocko
Having evolved from Bonsly, Sudowoodo has shed it's child like a person and has become a powerful Pokémon of Brock's team. With Powerful attacks including Mimic and Headbutt, Sudowoodo is the powerhouse of Brock's team. It is still with Brock at Pewter Gym.

Moves Learned

Move Episode
Fake Tears From Cradle to Save
Double-Edge From Cradle to Save
Flail + King and Queen for a Day!
Mimic A Staravia Is Born!
Hammer Arm + Frozen on Their Tracks!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Mimic Moves

Move Episode
Gust A Staravia Is Born!
Psybeam A Staravia Is Born!
Bullet Seed Leave It To Brocko!
Razor Leaf Bibarel Gnaws Best!
Blizzard Hot Springing a Leak!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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