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==Known moves==
==Known moves==
{{MoveBoxTop |Type= rock|Type2 = ground|image = Geodude_Tackle.png|imageinfo = Tackle}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type = fighting|Seismic Toss|IL028: Pokémon Fashion Flash|othername = Pokémon Fashion Flash}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type=fighting|Seismic Toss|IL028: Pokémon Fashion Flash|othername=Pokémon Fashion Flash}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type = normal|Tackle|IL050: Who Gets to Keep Togepi?|othername = Who Gets to Keep Togepi?|recent = yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type=normal|Tackle|IL050: Who Gets to Keep Togepi?|othername=Who Gets to Keep Togepi?|recent=yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type = ground|Dig|JE080: Control Freak!|othername = Control Freak!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type=ground|Dig|JE080: Control Freak!|othername=Control Freak!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type = normal|Mega Punch|JE134: The Ice Cave|othername = The Ice Cave|recent = yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type=normal|Mega Punch|JE134: The Ice Cave|othername=The Ice Cave|recent=yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type = rock|Sandstorm|AG177: Grating Spaces!|othername = Grating Spaces!|recent = yes}}
{{MoveBoxMid|type=rock|Sandstorm|AG177: Grating Spaces!|othername=Grating Spaces!|recent=yes}}
{{MoveBoxEnd|Type = rock|Type2 = ground}}

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Brock's Geodude
Takeshi's Isitsubute
Trainer: Brock
Gender: Male
Ability: Unknown
Debut: Showdown in Pewter City
Current location: With Forrest
Evolved: Not yet evolved
Brock's Geodude is a Pokémon Brock caught in the Kanto region. He debuted in Showdown In Pewter City. How Brock obtained Geodude is unknown; however, Geodude has always been a vital member of Brock's team, always being there for battle or for certain contests. Geodude is an unfailingly fun-loving Pokémon that is known to have fun with Ash's Pikachu and the other Pokémon on many occasions, though it was seldom seen. When Brock left for Hoenn, he also left Geodude in Forrest's care.

Known moves

Move Episode
Seismic Toss Pokémon Fashion Flash
Tackle + Who Gets to Keep Togepi?
Dig Control Freak!
Mega Punch + The Ice Cave
Sandstorm + Grating Spaces!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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