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EP594_Croagunk_usando_demolición.png|Using Brick Break
EP594_Croagunk_usando_demolición.png|Using Brick Break
Croagunk&Brock.jpg|Croagunk pulling Brock away after jabbing him
Croagunk&Brock.jpg|Croagunk pulling Brock away after jabbing him
Brock_Croagunk_Drag.png|Croagunk pulling Brock away (again)
EP541_Brock_con_Croagunk.png|Brock and Croagunk
EP541_Brock_con_Croagunk.png|Brock and Croagunk

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Brock's Croagunk
Takeshi's Gureggru
Brock Croagunk
Trainer: Brock (anime)
Gender: Male
Ability: Anticipation
Debut: Gymbaliar!
Caught where: Route 202
Current location: With Brock
Evolved: Not yet evolved
Brock's Croagunk was the first Pokemon that Brock caught in Sinnoh.


Brock and Croagunk first met at an unofficial Pokémon Gym run by Team Rocket. They quickly gained a close connection; indeed it has been said that Croagunk is about as close to Brock as Ash is to Pikachu. Whenever Brock fell for a girl Croagunk would use Poison Jab on him and drag him away. Croagunk actually seemed to enjoy doing this to Brock despite his close relationship with him.

Croagunk shared a very fierce rivalry with Saturn's Toxicroak which started the moment they first saw each other. It is unknown exactly why Croagunk hated Toxicroak so much but it's rivalry with its evolved form was so strong that it would often ignore Brock's advances on women. Croagunk was once seriously injured by Toxicroak who smashed him through a skylight and then stabbed him in the stomach with one of its claws. Croagunk eventually got his revenge during his final encounter with Toxicroak, smashing a Brick Break onto his evolved forms head and defeating it, ending their rivalry. Some people say that Croagunk has a crush on Cynthia.

Known moves

Move Episode
Poison Sting Gymbaliar!
Brick Break Gymbaliar!
Poison Jab Gymbaliar!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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