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For other variants of Onix belonging to Brock, see Brock's Onix.
Brock's Onix
Takeshi's Iwaaku
Brock Onix PO
Trainer: Brock
Debut: File 1 - Red

This Onix is a rock/ground-type Pokémon owned by Brock.


PO001 20

Onix being tied up by Red's Metapod's String Shot.

Brock used his Onix after his Geodude was defeated by Red's Nidoran♂. Nidoran♂ used Double Kick on Onix, who endured the attacks. Onix then unleashed the power of its Bide attack, inflicting Nidoran♂ with twice the damage Onix received, and knocked Nidoran♂ out. Red then used his Spearow and his Rattata and Onix was able to defeat them both easily. To slow Onix down, Red used his Metapod, who used String Shot. Onix was able to free itself and tackled Metapod, defeating it. Red then used his last Pokémon, his Charmander. Both Pokémon had a small amount of hit points left and both Pokémon charged towards each other with Onix using Tackle and Charmander Scratch. Onix was defeated by Charmander's Scratch because Onix was slower than Charmander due to a part of Metapod's String Shot felling off, making Onix a bit slower.[1]

Known movesEdit

Move Episode/Chapter
Brock Onix Bide PO
Bide File 1 - Red
Slam File 1 - Red
Tackle File 1 - Red
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Voice actorsEdit

Keith Silverstein (English)


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