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This Ludicolo is a water/grass-type Pokémon that Brock caught as a Lotad. It is the first Pokémon Brock acquired during his Hoenn journey.


As a Lotad, Ludicolo can be serious and determined especially to rescue a little Pokemon from danger. This is seen in A Mudkip Mission when it was released by Brock to save one of the Mudkip babies.

As a Lombre, it maintains his pre-evolved personality and like Psyduck he acts somewhat dopey. This is shown in Once in a Mawile when Samantha's Mawile fell in love with him because of it dopey look.

When it evolves into Ludicolo he is a happy-go-lucky Pokemon similar to Misty's Politoed and always dancing when he involves in the fight or teaming up and the main reason for Mawile to reject him due to its evolve form and being replaced with a wild Psyduck instead. In Grating Spaces!, Ludicolo was happy to entertain Brock's family and later helping Brock's parents, Flint and Lola to carry their bag and luggage while in vacation and is also very fond to Lola much to Brock's angry and disdain thinking it was hanging around with them.


Brock caught Ludicolo as a Lotad in Hoenn, which evolved into Lombre in Take The Lombre Home.

In Once in a Mawile, Lombre is unaware about Samantha's Mawile who falls in love with him due to its dopey look and appearance. When Team Rocket captures her, Lombre eventually rescues her before they are blasted off. Lombre later evolves into Ludicolo as it took the Water Stone in Samantha's backpack and it appears to like Mawile. But she rejects it soon and being replaced with a wild Psyduck instead.

As Ludicolo, it was used in many battles, and was often seen dancing during fights. Brock utilized Ludicolo's Water Gun attack in many situations. It is currently with Forrest in the Pewter City Gym when Brock leaves to reunite with Ash, May, Misty and Max.

In Grating Spaces!, Ludicolo assists Brock's parents, Flint and Lola while carrying their bags in the airport and it becomes very fond to Lola who is talking to Brock on the phone while the former got mad at her ditzy behavior and questions her why Ludicolo is hanging around with them. After Team Rocket is blasted off by Ash's Pikachu, Brock's Steelix and Geodude, Ludicolo was seen with Brock's parents apologizing for not knowing that Team Rocket was behind for remodelling the Gym and stealing the Gym's Pokemon.

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Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Brock Ludicolo Water Gun
Water Gun The Lotad Lowdown
Razor Leaf Sharpedo Attack!
Bullet Seed Once in a Mawile
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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