This Registeel is a steel-type Pokémon owned by Pyramid King Brandon.


Regirock resided in the Ancient Tomb, to where Drake was going to.[1] Meanwhile, Steven had a blind boy try to decode the slab that spoke how to awaken Regirock, Regice and Registeel.[2] However, the blind boy failed to decode a part of the slab that was missing. The Elite Four struggled to awaken the Legendary Golems by attacking them. Thus, Sidney had his Zangoose attack Regirock, but failed to awaken it.[3] Fortunately, Sapphire came to Steven with his father's letter, where it was mentioned a Relicanth and a Wailord were required to summon the Legendary Golems. Sapphire used her Relo and Lorry, which emitted beams that awakened the Legendary Golems.[4]

The Elite Four, as well as Steven and Wallace, teamed up with the Legendary Golems. Together, they stood around Sootopolis City to stop Groudon and Kyogre's collision from spreading throughout Hoenn. Steven was with Wallace atop Registeel.[5][6] However, despite the Legendary Golems halting the collision, the energy from Sootopolis City rose up into air.[7] After Kyogre and Groudon were banished away from Sootopolis City, Steven took a major strain and died from controlling the Legendary Golems, who fled, with their mission over.[8][9][10]

The three Regi Pokémon were found by Brandon who used the broken stone slab to locate them. He then caught all three of them and Scott allowed Brandon to use them in the Battle Frontier.[11]

Before Emerald took on the Battle Pyramid challenge, Brandon sent out his Regi Pokémon he'd use in the battle, once Emerald climbed the pyramid a certain number of times.[12] The reporter commented even if Emerald did succeed climbing the pyramid, he would have low chances at defeating Brandon's mythical Regi Pokémon.[13] After his Regirock was defeated, Brandon sent Registeel to battle Emerald's Hitmonlee. Registeel countered Hitmonlee's attacks. Just as Hitmonlee defeated Registeel with Sky Uppercut, Registeel used Toxic, which badly poisoned Himtonlee and defeated him.[14]

While speaking to Noland, Brandon juggled his Poké Balls, containing Regirock, Registeel and Regice.[15]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Brandon's Registeel Toxic
Superpower With a Spoink in Your Step I
Toxic You Need to Chill Out, Regice
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.