Boyleland is an island off the coast of Almia.


It contains a village and volcano that can be entered through two caves. Mostly Fire and Rock-type Pokémon reside within the volcano. Every year, Boyleland celebrates a Snow Festival by finding Ice-type Pokémon.

The player first goes here by boat to search for Barlow, the leader of the Ranger Base in Vientown. The player enters the cave through the cave at the right side. The player later comes back to this island, by either using a boat from Pueltown or by riding a Staraptor, but this time searching for the Red Gem. The player also needs to enter the cave at the left side instead of the right one.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Wingull Sprite Wingull PA Water SofA Water SOA Soak 1 Soak 1
PR Staraptor Sprite Staraptor PA Flying SofA Flying SOA Fly Fly
Wild Pokémon

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