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(ユリーカ Yuriika)
Bonnie (with Clemont)
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Family: Clemont (older brother)
First Appearance: X and Y

Bonnie is a character appears in X and Y.


She is a small and slender young girl with shiny golden-blonde hair tied in a side ponytail with an orange band, and sky blue eyes. She wears a brown short-sleeved top with a soft black bow on the neckline, knee length black leggings covered by a puffy white skirt resembling a cloud, some barbie pink coloured Mary-Jane shoes on her feet and a yellow shoulder bag.


Bonnie is an enthusiastic girl, who believes that her brother, Clemont, can beat every challenger.



She is the younger sister of Gym Leader Clemont, and is an unwavering supporter of her brother in his Gym battles. She also helps out in the Lumiose City Gym by giving a quiz for the challengers by telling which its the correct Pokémon before entering the correct elevator.


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Bonnie is the younger sister of Clemont and is also a traveling companion of Ash Ketchum through his journey in the Kalos region. Bonnie is also good friends with Serena and likes to play with Pokémon. She is taking care of Dedenne, which was caught by Clemont because Bonnie was still too young to catch a Pokémon herself.

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